Repair Samsung SM-T211 Main Mic Ways Problem

Samsung SM-T211 Mic Solution Ways, Jumper, Track, Missing, Not Working Problem

This solution may helpful to fix Samsung SM-T211 Tab 3 microphone or mic mouthpiece problem. This problem occurs if the device flash firmware is corrupted or due to hardware failure.

Updating the device flash firmware may possibly help fix and solve the problem, but if it doesn’t work
you may need to proceed into hardware repair and check certain components that holds for Samsung SM-T211microphone to work.

The solution below shows the location of the digital microphone module in Samsung SM-T211 PCB board.
You may need to check or replace this components when found damaged or faulty.

Samsung SM-T211 MIC, Mouthpiece Microphone problem solution

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Mic problem on your phone

The following are common causes of the phone while you do not realize that your phone does get wet:

Exposed to water – A mic would be damaged if too often scalded. water into the mic will result in a short circuit and damage the mic.

Mic line disconnected  – Mic line disconnected usually caused several resistors and capacitors have been damaged.

Try to check the Mic data signal connection line paths including the microphone’s supply voltage, before replacing the digital microphone module.
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