Samsung E2652 Charging Solution With Ways And Jumper

Samsung E2652 Charging Ways
Samsung GT-E2652 Charging Jumper Solution
Samsung E2652 Not Charging Problem SolutionCharging problem in Samsung E2652 is really not a common one, but when it happens you really know that you are going to have a very bad time! Samsung GT-E2652 Charging problem can occur due to any of the reasons; it could either be due to water damage or physical damageIn the following lines you will get to know simple and effective troubleshooting methods to overcome Samsung E2652 Charging problems.Resolving Samsung E2652 charging problem:
  • Normally SSamsung GT-E2652 charging problem is due to faulty charging connector, and in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to:
  • Remove Battery cover, Battery and C cover, then check charging connector’s pins
  • First Clean and remount all the pins of charging connector.
  • Put Battery in again and connect charger.

Hardware Solution

samsung gt e2652 charging ways jumper solution repair


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  • Clean dust on charging connector, you can do that simply with the help of a brush.
  • Check whether the Charging pin in connector is in good shape or not. In order to verify, check voltage at the first pin and it should be 5V. If it isn’t then it means that the pin is broken from inside. You can check it after connecting charger.
  • If the Pin is broken, change the Pin and Check voltage again.
  • SSamsung E2652 Charging Ways Solution
  • Check above mentioned Charging ways. If you find any problem or broken any ways then apply jumper.
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