Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Touchscreen Solution Problem Ways

Samsung GT-S5670 Touch Screen Jumper Ways
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Touch Problem Solution
Samsung S5670 Touchscreen Not Working Jumper

  • Samsung GT-S5670 touch not responding at all!
  • Slow response of touch screen.
Reasons of Problems
  • Touch screen has encountered any kind of water damage or moisture.
  • Phone’s touch screen is damaged due to any physical collision.
  • Touch Screen IC might be faulty.
  • Loose connection of Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670’s touch screen connector with board.
  • Screen might be broken which also affected touch screen.
  • Dry soldering of touch screen on-board connector.
  • Connector strip might be damaged.
Hardware Solution:

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Hints on troubleshooting touch screen failure on Samsung GT-S5670:

This will work if you already tried replacing the touch screen module and restoring the device firmware.
1.Check/clean the touch screen pin connector, re-solder it if necessary.
2. Check/read the touch screen supply voltage (VIO 1.8V) across to the filter coil.
If the voltage is missing check/replace the 0 ohms resistor, or apply a jumper if the line paths is open or cut.
3. Trace the RESET and PINT DAV line paths. apply a jumper if connection is open or cut.
4. Rework, re-ball or replace the Touch Controller chip.
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