Samsung Galaxy S T959V Charging Ways Solution With Jumpers

Samsung T959V Charging Usb Ways Solution Jumpers

Not Charging or Charging Not Supported on the Samsung S T959V ​​is caused by a malfunction such as: Line disconnected, broken fuse, faulty IC. on this occasion will share information about how to repair damage to the Samsung Galaxy S​​. please see the picture below to make improvements.

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Samsung T959V Charging Solution
Samsung Galaxy S Charging Connector Jumper
Samsung Galaxy S T959V Pin Charging ways

Tips on How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S T959V not charging via wall charger:

1 If the phone does not boot, try using a wall charger.
2 Check the battery or try to replace it.
3 Clean the battery connector or terminal.
4 Check the charging pin connector DC jack. Replace if damaged.
5 Clean the DC jack PCB contact pads.
6 Check the fuse and diode for a possible open and short circuit.
Trace 7 cargo routes voltage and ground line.
8 Rework / replace the charging switch controller IC.
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