Samsung Grand Duos I9082 Sim Card Connecter Ways Solution

Samsung GT-I9082 Sim Card Jumper
Samsung I9082,Insert Sim,Solution,Jumper,Problem,Ways

If ever encountered a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 that always display insert SIM card on the display even trying inserting a good and working SIM card but still won’t accept any SIM card, this solution may possibly fix the problem.

Isert sim card, sim card is invalid, corrupted sim card. if you ever come across a problem like this should not be confused first, because we want to share tips and tricks on how to jumper insert sim card on Samsung GT-I9082.

Here is a diagram of how to jumper ic sim card in the Samsung Grand Duos I9082. trick ic jumper, sim card line jumper.

samsung 2Bgt i9082 2Bsim 2Bcard 2Bconnecter 2Bways
Second Sim Card Ways

samsung 2Bi9082 2Binsert 2Bsim 2Bsolution 2Bjumper 2Bways 2Bsecond 2Bsim

Samsung I9082 Sim Card Problem Ways Jumper Solution

How to Jumper Sim Card IC On Samsung Grand Duos GT-I9082.

Check the fifth leg in the socket and make sure there is a normal flow
Check IC sim card, if it is damaged please make jumpers as shown above
If there is a valid sim then the problem is in the software. solution please re-program your phone.So that we can deliver a solution this time. hopefully the tips and tricks sim card IC jumper ways this can help you trouble. good luck
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