Samsung GT-S5660 Sim Card Ways Not Working Solution

Samsung S5660 Sim Card Ways Jumper
Samsung GT-S5660 Insert Sim Problem Solution

Certainly very tedious when you receive a warning on the screen Samsung GT-S5660 ​​insert sim card or any sim card is wrong. you will surely look panicked after the screen message, and therefore we want to try to provide a solution for you. well we want to share information about tips and tricks how to solve Samsung S5660 ​​insert Sim Card. as well as a solution to repair the damage will be presented. complete the following information along with a picture where you can easily understand.

Hardware Solution:

Samsung 2Bgt s5660 2Bsim 2Bcard 2Bways 2Bsoluttion

Samsung GT-S5660 Full Sim Card Line Connecter Ways

The Following Steps to Resolve the Samsung S5660 ​​Insert Sim Card
Checks if the sim card has been properly attached to the socket.
Try to do the change sim card (this often happens when your SIM card is actually already dead)
Check all five lines on the card socket. make sure that the five lines provide a good flow.
If there is no change of the Samsung GT-S5660 ​​then please you to try replace the resistor as shown above.

Last solution you try to give a little warm on the IC and if there is a replacement for the IC should replace direct.

“Do not get too hot when you do rehot the IC, this will result in your phone totally dead”

That’s all the tips and tricks to fix the problem insert sim card on the Nokia Asha 303​​. I hope you are successful with the above way, we hope you are not bored to more frequently visit our blog. we will give you tips and tricks that may be different from the others. thank you.

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