Samsung S5360 Microphone Problem Jumper Solution

Here’s the Samsung GT-S5360 hardware repair solution for not working MIC (microphone) problem. This solution shows the MIC tracks connection line paths., and certain components that holds for Samsung S5360 mobile phone microphone circuit.

Just refer to the solution below then locate the highlighted components on the PCB board and follow some procedures we provide.

Hardware Solution:
Samsung S5360 Mic Jumper Ways
Samsung S5360 Microphone Solution
Samsung GT-S5360 Mic Not Working Problem Repair

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First step is open mobile and check Samsung S5360 Mic points on borad if there is a good value in it then change Mic with new one.Problem will be solve. if only mic points do not show value then chek all mic track and parts that are used in mic function in Samsung S5360.all mic parts and track are given in bellow diagram check all these parts and components and if necesory resold or change them.this will help you in Samsung S5360 Solution Jumper Problem Ways Microphone

Repair hints for Samsung S5360 cell phone microphone problem.
1. Check the microphone for possible damaged using a multimeter, replace if found damaged.
2. Trace its corresponding connection line paths.
3. Check/resolder or replace all the corresponding connected components such as the capacitors and resistors.
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