Blackberry 9720 Keypad Not Working Problem Solution


Blackberry 9720 Keypad Problem Solution – Damage to the keypad on the Blackberry 9720 can be caused by many things, but often times keytone corrosion caused by exposure to water, for corrosion damage in the repair of the affected water may be a little easier, but if the conditions keytone in good condition should certainly be step to the improvement of the aga little difficult. Here are the simple steps to repair the Blackberry 9720 keypad.

The first step of course, you should first check keytone part first, if there is corrosion or dirty, try to clean up first. When viewed from the physical condition keytone no problem. you can take the second step.

The second step check keypad connecter, whether there is a section that dirty, corroded or broken, if there is one damage. try to repair it, if it is felt there is no problem, you can try the next step.

The third step try rehot keypad diodes like on the picture below, do it carefully to avoid damaging the others or damage the connector keypad because its position is very close together. If it is no results try the next step.

The fourth step you can make jumpers as shown below, do accurately and carefully because the work requires great care and caution

blackberry 9720 keypad problem repair solution

Blackberry 9720 Keypad Solution
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