Nokia 230 Insert Sim Problem Solution Ways Ic Jumpers


Nokia 230 Insert Sim Solution Ways Jumper Problem

Nokia Asha 230 SIM Card problem is known to be the one when your phone is not detecting any SIM card even though you have inserted it in your phone. Here are workaround tips as well as hardware solution for resolving Nokia 230 SIM Card Problem.

  • After opening the casing of your Nokia 230, the very first thing that you need to do is to clean the surface of SIM card socket contacts and check, as most of the time the dirt or rust is the only cause of this problem and it is immediately resolved once you clean the contacts of SIM card socket.
  • If the above step fails then re-solder all the pins of SIM socket (total 6 in nos.)
  • If none of them works then change SIM controller IC, it will surely solve your Asha SIM card problem.

Nokia 230 insert sim solution ic jumpers

Nokia 230 Insert Sim Problem Solution

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Nokia 230 Dual Sim Not Working Problem,Sim Card Not Accept Jumpers

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