Nokia 5130 Full Keypad Solution with keypad ways and tracks


Nokia 5130 Keypad Ways Jumper Solution Problem Repair

Here’s a solution that may possibly help fix and repair Nokia 5130 keypad problem. If some the keypad stop working or doesn’t work this solution below will show you some hints on troubleshooting Nokia 5130 keypad failure.

The keypad connection of Nokia 5130 is assembled on a Flexible cable wire ( Flex Connection )
You may need to first visually check the flex cable if showed some damaged. The solution below shows the spots on Nokia X3-02 keypad flex connection where to check most importantly. If the keypad flex is already damaged, you may need to replace it with a new replacement spare.

Each keys were group in one connection, if only one or two keys are not working, you may refer to the solution below to determine which and where to reconnect the non responding particular keys.

nokia 5130 full keypad ways solution

So if any track out of them is missing the group of keys will not work. All Keys have inner and outer tracks with different colors that can be easily identify with color scheme. So keep in mind that all key that have same inner or outer color will have same values.

So if any key is not working you can apply jumper with corresponding color keys. But outer jumpers to outer and inner jumpers to inner.

Nokia 5130 Keypad Problem
Nokia 5130 Keypad Ways Keypad Jumpers
Nokia 5130 Keypad is Not Working
Nokia 5130 Keypad Tracks Read more

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