Nokia 515 Insert Sim Solution Problem Ways


Nokia 515 Insert Sim IC Solution Ways Problem Jumper

Full solution for Nokia 515 Insert SIM card problem that it does not accept or detect any SIM card being inserted to it. This solution shows the full line paths or connection tracks of the Nokia SIM circuit, from th SIM pin connector through to the SIM filter IC and to the inner most part of the main chips solder ball bumps.

You may trace each of the SIM card pin connectors down to each corresponding capacitors. Check the SIM supply voltage (VSIM) for about about 2.9 volts on the corresponding capacitors and VSIM pin connector.

After dis assembly check all sim jack points at mother board with meter.check all these parts and track that are given in above diagram and if any of them is missing apply jumpers to make that path in good condition.if any of the components is missing replace it with new.

Nokia 515 Insert Sim Solution
nokia 515 insert sim card problem jumper ways solution

A Problem with sim and offline mode on Nokia 515 like, The phone goes into an offline state and indicates “insert simcard”. The screen goes white and flickers and the buttons gets unresponsive. Sometimes, but not always, then you will opted to restart the phone to an offline mode and manually go online.
This problem can be fix by firmware update.

Nokia 515,Insert Sim,Sim,Solution,Jumper,Problem,Ways

Nokia 515 Insert Sim IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways Sim Not Working Sim Not Valid

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