Nokia Asha 306 Insert Sim Solution Ways Problem Jumper


Nokia Asha 306 Insert Sim Solution Sim Card Ways Jumper Problem. If you suddenly can not read the sim card, it would be very disruptive activity buddy, there are some lankah to repair the Nokia 306 sim problem.

The first step is to first try to replace normal sim, whether to replace some of the normal sim card in other cell phone, if using another simcard to normal, we can be sure that the damage is only on sim card clear, if by replacing the sim does not work out try to wash the Simcard connecter with blue pen eraser otherwise one or with a cotton bath that had been given fluids thinner, if it is not only fruitless, you can try the second step.

The second step you can check whether the plugin sim in good condition physically or corrosion are exposed to water, the path is broken or broken, if there is damage to the sim plugin, try changing the plugin is good, if you intend to replace simcard connecter, you are advised to be very careful in doing this work, because at the time of sim card connector with heated with hot water,damaging components around plugin simcard or behind, “be careful of the work, the risk born yes” if the tips are not produced results, try the third step.

The third step is to check the sim lines as shown below, check the path sim Nokia 306 you one by one carefully, try to make jumpers as shown in the figure, usually after making a jumper that is good and right, the problem in Nokia Asha 306 sim problem can be solved, good luck.

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Nokia 306 Sim Card Ways Insert Sim Solution Jumper


nokia 306 insert sim problem ways solution

Nokia Asha 306 Insert Sim Problem / Sim Ways
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