Nokia Lumia 520 Ear Speaker Jumper Solution Ways

Nokia Lumia 520 Ear Speaker Not Working Problem
Nokia 520 Earphone Jumper Ways
Nokia 520 Earpiece Jumper To Ear Speaker

Low sound in earphones.
No sound in earphones.
Distorted sound in earphones.
Unbalanced volume in each earphone.

Check volume level of your phone.
Check with any other working earphone.
Go with software update (should be considered as the last resort).
Hardware Solution

Troubleshooting Nokia 520 earpiece speaker problem:
Assuming that this problem is not cause by a firmware, so check and flash update the device first to any latest firmware version available.
1. Check the earpiece speaker using a multimeter, replace if damaged.
2. Check the cable wire for possible damaged, replace if necessary.
3. Clean, the ear speaker pin connector, re-solder if the solder is lifted.
4. Trace the connection line paths of the earpiece speaker from the pin connector down to the bypass capacitors., check or replace also the capacitors.
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Unplug, clean and re-plug audio jack strip (Speaker is also included with audio jack).

If the above step fails then change entire audio jack strip and check.

nokia lumia-520-audio-ic-connector-capacitor

Re-solder Audio jack’s on-board connector.

Nokia 520 Ear Speaker Ways Solution Repair Jumper Not Working Problem
Nokia Lumia 520 speaker Not Working Jumper, Track, Line Ways Repair Solution
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