Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I Sim Card Ways Solution Jumpers

Samsung GT-S5830I Sim Card Jumper
Samsung S5830I Insert Sim Problem Solution Ways

Another solution for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I Insert Sim card Problem. This solution may help fix if the device suffered wet or water damaged and result to sim card failure, like it does not detect or recognize any SIM card inserted to it.

The solution below provides some hints on what components needs to check if the phone failed to recognize the SIM card being inserted.
– Check the sim card holder pins for possible damaged. Re-solder, clean or replace if necessary.
– Check and trace the SIM card supply voltage.
– Check the SIM card filter IC, re-work and then replace if found damaged.

Hardware Solution:

samsung 2Bgt s5830i 2Bsim 2Bcard 2Bways 2Bsolution 2Bjumper

This solution may help fix and repair a wet damaged or accidentally dropped Samsung GT-S5830I and result displaying “insert sim card” on the LCD screen display.

In troubleshooting insert sim card problem you may first check and trace the SIM card pin connector connection such as the SIM card supply voltage and ground pin. IF these line paths were both okay, you may then consider that the problem lies on a faulty power management IC.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I Sim Card Jumper Ways
Samsung S5830I Insert Sim Solution Ways Problem Repair Jumper
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