Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus I9105 Speaker Buzzer Ways problem Jumper

Samsung GT-I9105 Ringer Speaker Ways, Jumper, Line Solution

Here’s the solution which can help solved and fix Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus I9105 with a not working buzzer or ringer speaker problem.This problem may happen if the device suffered wet or damaged and or accidentally dropped.

If the Samsung GT-I9105 ringer speaker has no sound can be heard over it, this may be possibly caused by a damaged buzzer speaker, a loosen contact of the speaker’s terminal pads, and or some possible damaged components inside the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus I9105 PCB circuit board.

In troubleshooting speaker problem on nokia Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, you may need to check the speaker if it still working or not, then replace it if found damaged.
You may also ensure that the speaker terminals are not misaligned and the terminal contact pads on the PCB board were also cleaned.

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Samsung GT-I9105 Buzzer Jumper Ways  Ringer Not Working Solution

The solution above will show the location of the components on Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus I9105 PCBcircuit board that may need to check, trace for further troubleshooting if the above steps has already been made but still doesn’t fix the problem.
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