Samsung GT-E1252 Charging Ways Problem Solution


Samsung GT-E1252 Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways Charging Not Supported

Charging problem in Samsung E1252 can be due to charging pin broken damage and due to water case of charging problem mobile can not save power in battery and may it shows fake charging in fake charging condition you can only see charging signe in mobile but it will not save any electricity power in it.

Hardware Solution:

samsung gt e1252 charging ways problem jumper

Before proceeding, ensure that the battery and the battery charger are in good working condition.
– Check all the components shown on the image below, you may start by checking the USB pin connector.
– Then the fuse, diode, capacitors and filter coil for possible open or short circuit.
– Trace each of the connection line paths from Charging pins down to the components where it is directly connected.

Samsung E1252 Charging Jumper,Charging Ways, Charge Not Working Problem, Repair Ways

Samsung GT-E1252 Charging Problem Solution Problem Jumper


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