Samsung GT-I9100 Handsfree Icon Mode Activated Problem Solution

Samsung I9100 Heaphone Mode Enabled Solution Handsfree Problem Solution

If you find a handfree problem in Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung GT-I9100. Hand free open Handfree not detected problem it can be solve with a few easy steps that i will write in this post. A headset repairing diagram is also attached with this post that will show you the main parts that are used in headset function in Samsung GT-I9100.

samsung 2Bgt i9100 2Bhandsfree 2Bicon 2Bsolution

So once you have review the repairing diagram for Samsung I9100 clean headset jack and these parts that are identified in above diagram. Clean them with electronics cleaner and apply heat to dry the mother board.Do not apply much hot air because it can harm you skin and may can damage the mother board.

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