Samsung Gt-I9105p Handsfree Connector Ways Headphone Solution


Samsung Gt-I9105p Headphone Jumpers Handsfree Problem Ways Solution

Here’s the solution for Samsung Gt-I9105p Galaxy S2 Plus in fixing handsfree problem. If something went wrong like if there is no sounds can be heard if the handsfree or loudspeaker is being activated, this solution might help for your repair.

Samsung Gt-I9105p  handsfree Problems
Low sound in earphone.
No Sound.
Distorted sound.
Unbalanced sound.

Samsung Gt-I9105p  Workaround
Check Volume Level.
Check with any other working earphone.
Update your OS

Hardware for Sony Hazel J20i Handsfree Problem
Clean and re-solder headphone connector as well as on-board connector.
If same problem Replace the headphone connector and check.
If the problem continuous then chek the Diode.
If same problem the last and final step make jumpers as shown as below image.


samsung gt i9105p handsfree connector ways

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