Samsung GT-S7390 No Network Signal Solution Ways


Samsung GT-S7390 Netwwork Solution Jumper Ways No Network Problem

Here’s the solution for a damaged Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite S7390 with No Network Signal (coverage ) problem. This solution can be used if the problem is not caused by the device flash firmware. So ensure to restore the or update the flash firmware first before proceeding into hardware troubleshooting.

The following solution showed the S7290  RF circuit. You can used this as a guide to troubleshoot no network problem on the device.

samsung s7390 network ways signal jumper solution
Hints for repair:
Before you may proceed you must see to it that the antenna terminal contact expander were not damaged nor misaligned and it has a proper connection to the antenna module. A poor antenna connection also results to poor, dropping, and or no network signal receptions.
If the antenna connection is okay, you may then proceed to work on the RF Power

Samsung S7390 Network Ways Solution, No Network Problem,Weak Or Low Signal In Samsung GT-S7390, Network Solution Jumpers.

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