Samsung GT-S7390 Galaxy Trend Lite Power Button Ways Problem Jumper


Samsung GT-S7390 Galaxy Trend Lite Power Button Ways On Key Jumper Solution – Today I want to try to discuss about the solution fixes the power lines on the Samsung S7390. Actually, this problem is very rare, but we will try to discuss the power button does not work. The power button can not function well can be caused by several factors, one contributing factor is because the phone is damaged by exposure to water. Some of the steps that need to be done to address the improvement of the power lines on the Samsung GT-S7390.

The first step that should be done is certainly on the damage caused on the power button on the phone can not turn on, to make sure the power button is broken you can try charging or charging the phone whether it is charging or not. If you can try charging the second step.

The second step you can check the path as shown below, check the lines one by one and also a resistor connected to the power switch on, if there is a path-breaking try doing jumpers with caution and care.

samsung gt s7390 power button ways on off key jumper
Samsung Trend Lite GT-S7390 Power Buttun Ways Key Power On Solution

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