Samsung I9300 Home Menu key Not Working Solution Ways


Samsung I9300 home button ways
Samsung Gt-I9300 menu key jumper
how to repair samsung gt-i8150 home button not working problem

If you are facing home key problem in Samsung I9300 It can be cause of water damage mobile phone or due to some broken parts. So check if it work, not work, or work time to time (some time work while some time not work Samsung GT-i9300 home key button)

When you dis assemble the phone and check strip jack as shown in above diagram you may find some carbon or rust in it. So make it clean and apply heat with heat gun to make it dry.

samsung gt-i9300 menu home button key ways
The distance between the touchscreen and home button menu keys are not adjust
check when you open his cell phone home button key flexi cable
broken or not connected properly

– Try to check the keypad or keypad jumper to working voltage
if the home key button flex its better
See the image below:
Samsung GT-I9300 Home Menu key failure solution
samsung gt i9300 home menu key button ways

Hints to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Keypad Problem Repair Solution:

Check/clean the keypad PCB matrix.
Clean/replace the keypad membrane..

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