Samsung S5750 Sim Card Problem Ways Solution


Samsung GT-S5750 Sim Card Ways Repair Jumper Solution

This provides a solution for Samsung S5750 with insert SIM card problem or if the device does not detect any working SIM card being inserted to it. This problem occurred or sometimes happens if the device suffered wet or water damaged or an oxidation build up through to the SIM card pin connector and it corresponding circuit components. This solution below provides some hints on how to fix this the device.

If this kind of problem happens, you may first clean the SIM card pin connectors surroundings , for possible dirt and oxidation build-up.
Refer to the solution below if the problem still exists and shows “NO SIM CARD”, and locate some particular indicated and highlighted components on GT-S5750 PCB board, then do some check up procedures.

Hardware Solution:

samsung gt s5750 simcard jumper solution ways

Samsung S5750 Sim Card Ways Solution, Jumper, Sim Connecter Track Line Ways

Samsung S5750 Insert Sim Card Problem, Not Working Solution, Repair Jumper. Ways, Sim Not Accept , Samsung Wave 575 S5750 Sim Card Ways

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