Samsung Trend Lite S7390 Sim Card Ways Problem Repair Solution


Samsung GT-S7390 Sim Card Ways Sim Card Not Working Problem Jumper Solution.

Here’s the solution for Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite S7390 with Insert Sim card error related problems such as “sim card not inserted or insert Sim card”, this solution may help fix the Samsung S7390 if it doesn’t detect or accept any sim card module inserted to it.

The solution below provides and shows the Sim card circuit connection of the S7390 phone and quickly tells us which particular or certain components needs to check during troubleshooting procedures.

Samsung S7390 No Sim Card Error Problem Solution

samsung gt s7390 sim card ways repair solution

The first step that should be done is to try another sim card in advance, we have the mobile phone after it was discovered that only the damaged sim card, of course, it’s just a waste of your time and energy only.

The second step you try to clean the sim cad connecter  as shown above with a good cleanning liquid, usually just by changing the sim ic problem can already be solved.

Damage or repair errors caused by existing solutions in this blog are not the responsibility, we just want a little help you in improving mobile phone.

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