Sony Xperia Z1 Display Light Solution Not Working Problem


Sony Xperia Z1 Display Lcd Light Not Working Solution Problem Ways

This article is for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Lights Not Working problem solutions. If your phone’s Led Lights are not working properly check the solution in the diagram below.

I have marked Sony Xperia Z1 Led Fuse in this diagram repair or better yet replace it with a new one in case of Led problems.

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Here Are Sony Xperia Z1 Lights Not Working Problem Solutions. Please Observe Carefully.

To fix the dark screen display problem, you may first try to replace or install a new Display screen module, to easily confirm if the LCD’s backlight LED’s were still working or already damaged.

sony xperia z1 no bakclight display light problem solution


Sony Z1 Compact Backlight Solution Tested Working Solution
Sony Z1 Lights Not Working Problem Solution Fuse Location Jumper

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Sony Xperia Z1 Lcd Light Not Working, Display Light Solution, Fusse Location, Repair Light Problem.

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  1. servitelce says

    good contribution friend,tested 100%,greetings

  2. makabress says

    Hi i have sony xperia zr water damaged not working
    after cleaning all port the phone work , tactil work but no screen and no backlight
    trayed with new working screen but the same problem

    So i need the xperia zr schematic

    i find this image in the net showing the same motherboard that i have , so i have 5 missing parts
    which one i can jump ?, and which one i have to remplace ?

    Thank you for any help

  3. Desiree McGraw says

    Hi, I need some help with my Sony phone…I was useing it one day screen was working fine, few minutes later phone fell off the couch on to the floor..the phone landed on one of the side corners and on its back and not screen is competly black but can still get text and feel vibration on keyboard but screen will not light up. Is it a easy fix or what do i gotta do to fix it?

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