How To Repair Home Button Ways Problem In Samsung S7362


Samsung GT-S7362 Home Button Ways Key Jumper Solution – This time I tried to provide information on the home button repair solution on the S7362. Damage to the home on the Samsung S7362 is often the case because the button is the only button type keytone and also very often used, with very often in use will result in the home button is broken. To overcome this problem, we will try to discuss how to solve these problems, the following simple steps to cope with the home button.

The first step make sure keypad in clean or in good condition, if there are dirty or corrosion you can try cleaning it first, if keytone is damaged, try to replace it, if this solution does not resolve the issue, try the next step.

The second step try to check the lines as shown below, check one by one the lines carefully, if there is a path-breaking, try to do a careful jumper.

samsung gt s7362 home button ways problem solution
Samsung GT-S7362 Centre Home Button Ways Problem Jumper Solution,Home Button Not Working

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