LG E445 Repair Not Charging Problem Ways Trick Jumper


LG Optimus L4  E445 Charging Ways Jumper Problem Solution – When you try to charge the battery on the LG E445 and get no response or no fill then this is often caused by the connector may be damaged, disconnected lines, fuses disconnected or does not deliver flow properly and the defective IC. when you encountered problems like this then you may to try the trick of Of Mobile below.

LG E445 Charging ways jumper Charge Solution

Repair Instructions on LG Optimus L4 E445 Not Charging
Check the connectors
Check the charging line
Check the fuses
Check the resistor and capacitor associated with charging line
Check the charging IC

Tips :
When the connector is there much rust solution is to replace
If broken lane charging solution is to make a point jumper
If the fuse is damaged or can not provide in the current solution is to make a jumper
When the screen displays charging your phone does not support then the solution is to remove the IC as shown above

LG E445 Charging Ways, Not Charging Problem Repair Solution, Charging Jumpers,Charging Connecter Ways Problem Solution.

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