LG E445 Volume Up Down Control Button Switch Jumper Ways


Here’s some hints on how to fix a not working volume UP/DOWN control button keys on LG E445. This solution shows some simple steps on how to fix such volume control problem on the phone device.

You can use this solution if the said button switches are not working or if you need a jumper solution.

The first step that should be done is to check whether the volume is brick there is damage or not, if there is damage to try to replace the volume button. If the button is not there a problem, try the next step.

Check the path of the volume button, if there is a path-breaking or not, if there is a path-breaking try to do the jumper as shown in the picture below.

LG Optimus L4 Dual E445 Volume Ways Solution

LG Optimus L4 Dual E445 Volume Up Down Key not Working Solution

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LG E445 Volume Button Ways, Up Down Key Not Working Problem Solution,Volume Button Jumper.

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