LG Optimus L4 E445 No Ringer, Hands Free Speaker Sound Solution


There is no sound on the LG Optimus L4 II Dual E445 there is some damage that you should know such as, speaker broken, disconnected lines, damaged resistors, IC broken even software can affect speaker not work. on this occasion we wants to share information about ring tones do not work on a LG E445. please see the following trick.

LG Optimus L4 E445 Ringer Speaker Ways Problem Solution

Instructions on Repairing LG Optimus L4 II Dual E445 Can’t Loudspeakers

Check the Speaker (if this was damaged please replace)
Check the line (if it broke please make jumper as shown above)
Check the IC (you can remove)
If steps 1 through 3 are all in good condition. The possibility of the software that has been damaged. if the software that is damaged please you try to reset the phone LG E445 back to factory settings by the default code 12345.
If step 1 through 4 does not work then you have to upgrade the phone software. to do this you have to have a box in which to re-flash your phone and you must be have firmware.

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