LG Optimus L4 E445 Signal or Network Problem Solution Jumper


LG Optimus L4  E445 Signal or Network Ways Jumper Problem Solution and Trick Jumper Ways — LG E445 can not be a network problem, the signal is weak or nonexistent. If in LG Optimus L4  E445 you do not have a network of low signal problem then you can solve this problem with several steps as indicated by the Mobilerdx in the diagram below. picture below define how network signal function in mobile phone.

LG E445 waek or low network jumper solution

Tissue repair instructions or signals on the LG Optimus L4 E445.

Check antenna paths are connected by a resistor. if the resistor is damaged then this fairly easy for us to change.
Check the path from the antenna to the IC to the PA.
Also check the path of the IC PA headed to the antenna switch. see the picture above.
If all lines in a normal state simply to replace the IC PA or antenna switch. See the picture above
Note: when we replace both component IC should be careful, if you use the heater for removal simply to reduce its volume.

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