Samsung GT-S6102 Not Charging Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung Galaxy Y S6102 Not Charging, Charging Ways Jumper Problem Solution and Trick Jumper Fuse — On this occasion We will share information about the Samsung S6102 Not Charging. if you want to try the trick from us please follow the instructions on the image below.

When you try to charge the battery on the Samsung GT-S6102 and get no response or no fill then this is often caused by the connector may be damaged, disconnected lines, fuses disconnected or does not deliver flow properly and the defective IC.

Samsung GT S6102 Full Charging Ways Solution Jumper


Samsung s6102 charging problem ways solution

The picture above is a guide to fix Samsung GT-S6102 Not Charging, Charging Not Supported, Bad Contact Charging and Line Charging disconnected. Well to make improvements please see the picture above.
Check the charging path
Check the fuse (if it breaks please make fuse jumper as shown above)
Check the capacitor and resistor (if defective this component will lead to charging is not supported)
Check the charging IC (if defective IC will usually result Charging is not supported and bad contact charging)
This it instruction from us may be useful.

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