BlackBerry 9720 Speaker Ringer Problem Jumper


BlackBerry 9720 Speaker Ways Problem Jumper Ringer Solution.

BlackBerry 9720 speakers doesn’t go out that easy, as normally they are well protected in the cover, but that doesn’t really mean that they are invincible. Obviously they are more prone to any kind of physical or water damage just like every other component of the phone.

blackberry 9720 speaker ringer ways problem
Check continuity between speaker’s positive terminal
Now check speaker’s positive terminal connection with Capacitor.
Check Negative terminal’s connection with Coil 2 and afterwards with Capacitor – 2.
If none of the above mentioned steps work then you need to change the speaker, as there is no other solution than that.
Gently Heat Audio IC and check, if faulty replace.

Normally you encounter Nokia Lumia 800 speaker problem when your phone encounters any kind of physical damage. Moisture and water are known to be the killer of speakers, for example if you take calls while in shower or soon after shower, there is a high probability that a drop or excessive moisture can enter in the speaker hence damaging it or its parts.

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