Nokia 220 Handsfree Heaphone Mode Activated Solution


Nokia 220 Headphone Solution,Not Working Problem Repair Handsfree Icon.

Nokia 220 headphone jack problem is quite a common these days, and it can happen due to any of the reasons. It might be because your headphone jack has encountered any kind of physical or water damage or dust particles have entered in your phone’s audio jack. In the following lines you will get to know about the problems as well as its solutions:

First of all you should clean the area around the Handsfree Connector of the motherboard because almost 60% of handsfree problems occur because of Shortage, Moisture or Carbon not just Nokia 220 but most of the Cell Phones. So there is a strong chance your problem will be solved by just cleaning it.

Hardware Solution:

Nokia 220 Headphone Handsfree Mode Activated Solution1
Nokia 220 Handsfree Heaphone Mode Activated Solution 2

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