Nokia 220 Insert Sim Solution Problem Ways


Nokia 220 Insert Sim Card Problem Solution Ways Jumper -Do you ever find a problem on a mobile Nokia 220 insert sim card, sim card is invalid, corrupted sim card. if you ever come across a problem like this should not be confused first, because we wants to share tips and tricks on how to jumper insert sim card on Nokia Asha 220.

First step is to first try to replace normal sim, whether to replace some normal simcard in another cell phone, if with another simcard normal wear, if by replacing the sim does not work try to wash the plug pin simcard with blue pen eraser otherwise incorrectly or with cotton bath that has been given liquid thinner, if it has not only produced results you can try the second step.

The second step you can check whether the sim plugin physically in good condition or are exposed to water corrosion, broken or indeed broken lines, if there is damage to the sim plugin, try to replace it with a good plugin, if you intend to replace pluhin simcar, you are advised to be very careful in doing this work, because at the time of revocation sim card connector with heated with hot water, very vulnerable damaging components around the plugin simcar or behind it, “be careful in this work, the risk borne yes” if the tips are not produced results, try the third step.

The third step is to check sim path as in the picture below, check the path sim Nokia 220 you one by one carefully, try to do the jumper as shown in the figure, usually after a good jumper and correct, the problem in nokia 220 sim problem can be resolved, good luck.

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Here is a diagram of how to jumper ic sim card in the Nokia 220. trick ic jumper, sim card line jumper.

Nokia 220 Insert Sim Solution Sim Card Ways Jumper

How to Jumper Sim Card Connecter On Nokia 220
Check the fifth leg in the socket and make sure there is a normal flow
Check IC sim card, if it is damaged please make jumpers as shown above
If there is a valid sim then the problem is in the software. solution please re-program your phone.
So that we can deliver a solution this time. hopefully the tips and tricks sim card IC jumper ways this can help you trouble. good luck

Damage or fault repairs caused by the existing solutions on this blog is not liable, we just want a little help you in improving your mobile phone.

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Nokia 220 Insert Sim IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways Sim Not Working Sim Not Valid

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