Nokia 220 Mmc Ways Memory Card Not Working Problem


Nokia 225 Mmc Ways Memory Card Problem JUmper Solution.

Encountering MMC problem is known to be one of the most common issues found in Nokia 220, especially the MMC problem.however MMC problem can become the cause of several other problems including hanging your phone, data not saving, pictures not saving in phone etc. and for a lot of nokia 225 related problems, one recommend that he should go with removing or formatting MMC card, hence allowing to overcome all that.

Remove and reinsert memory card.
Scan your MMC via Antivirus and check.
Back up your Memory Card and Format, afterwards recheck.
Check with any other working memory card.

Hardware Solution for MMC Card Problem.

Nokia 220 Mmc Memory Card Problem Ways Jumper Solution

In order to resolve Memory Card problem of Nokia 225, all you have to do is to:

Change your Memory Card, if the new one starts working then it means your previous MMC was faulty.
Check all the connections.
Solder MMC board connector.
If it doesn’t work then change the MMC PCB strip
Insert MMC and check
If it gives a notification that your Memory Card is corrupt then format it
Simply by following the above mentioned steps you will surely be able to resolve both of your MMC problem in the best possible manner.

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