Nokia Asha 502 Display Light Solution Problem Repair


How to Solve Nokia Asha 502 Display Light Problem

Display light problem in an Nokia 502 normally occurs when your phone has encountered any kind of water damage. In such a condition your phone works normally, but it becomes really very hard for you to perform different functions on your phone, especially in sunlight, as it will become very problematic for you to perform different functions. Hence overcoming this issue is surely very important for you.

Display light not working.
Display light is dim.
Sometimes display light works and sometimes it does not.

Reasons of Problems
Phone might be water damaged.
Dry soldering of display connector pins.
Diode might be faulty.
Nokia Asha 502  screen might be faulty.

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Hardware Solution:

Replace V1001
See Image Below:

Nokia 502 Display Light Problem Solution
The very first thing that you need to do is to unplug and re-plug display connector as well as touch screen connector of your phone, after doing that check, as sometimes this simply solution resolves this issue.
iPhone 5S display and touchscreen connector

If the above solution fails then the next thing that you need to do is to check out any traces of water damage on your phone. If you find your phone water damaged then clean all its traces, after wards gently heat your board as well as components for a few seconds in order to wipe out all the traces of water damage on your phone. Afterwards check.

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