Repair Samsung GT-S7262 Bluetooth Or Wifi Problem


Samsung GT-S7262 Bluetooth Solution Wifi Problem Repair

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems in Samsung Galaxy Note can arrive due to any of the reasons, and the worst thing is that there are a great number of problems involved in that, and any problem can arrive at any time and due to any of the reasons.

Problem with Note’s Bluetooth is acceptable, and not most people bat an eye on that, and this is mainly because of the fact that they have many other excellent alternatives for sharing data than Bluetooth, hence they are also 4X fast than the Bluetooth, as all you need to have is an internet connection.

Reasons of Problems
Water damage could be the main reason of the problem.
Not proper contact between Bluetooth’s contacts and antenna.
Any of the coils or capacitors might be damaged.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC might be faulty.

Hardware Solution For Samsung S7262 Bluetooth Or Wifi Problem

Samsung S7262 Wifi Bluetooh Problem Solution
Gently heat Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC and check. If it still fails then replace it.

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