Samsung G130H Buzzer,Speaker Jumper Ways Solution


Samsung SM-G130H Speaker Ringer Ways Problem Solution Jumper

This is another Samsung SM-G130H solution for not working buzzer, ringer or hands free loud speaker problem. This solution may help if the problem does not lies on the IHF speaker or already tried replacing it, but still there is no tones or media sounds can be heard on the phone.

On this occasion we will share information about the Samsung Galaxy Young 2 G130H Ringer Buzzer Problem. if you want to try the trick from us please follow the instructions on the image below.

This solution provide and point out which components needs for check up if the speaker has no audio sound output. Just refer to it and locate the highlighted components.

Samsung G130H Speaker Ringer Ways Problem Solution
Solution Created By helpful-man

The picture above is about how to repair the Samsung SM-G130H ringer buzzer problem, it can not make a sound, bad sounds .to make improvements please follow the instructions in the image above. try to check the red and green lines on the image above. if the second line is normal then you try to change ringer ic like the picture above. Thank you for visiting MobileRdx blog about Samsung SM-G130HRinger Buzzer Problem. you may also want to try other tricks

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