Samsung GT-I9060 Sim Card Jumper Repair Solution


Samsung I9060 Sim Card Ways Problem Jumper Solution

This solution below may help fix a wet or water damaged Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo I9060 that results to insert sim card problem.
If the Samsung GT-I9060 will not detect any kind of SIM card inserted to it, this solution below shows which particular components may become faulty or damaged.

If this happens you must first ensure that the SIM card is properly inserted and the SIM card pin connector is free from foreign object and oxidation. Clean it first before you may used and apply this solution below.

Samsung GT-I9060 Sim Card 1 Ways Solution.
Samsung GT I9060 Sim Card 1 Ways Problem Solution

Sim Card 2 Ways Solution

Samsung GT I9060 Sim Card 2 Ways Jumper Problem Solution
Samsung GT I9060 Sim Card Not Working Problem Solution
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Clean SIM jacket contacts and check.
Check all 4 capacitors with the help of a multi-meter, if any of them is faulty replace it.
Check SIM Power line with Capacitor. Place jumper if connections is faulty.
If everything else fails then gently heat SIM Card IC, if that method doesn’t work then Re-ball or replace IC.

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