Samsung GT-S7262 Battery Connecter Ways Point Jumper


Samsung S7262 Battery Connecter Ways Jumper Problem Repair Solution

This time We will try to discuss the solution to the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262  battery lines in this troubled afternoon. Damage to the battery paths often in result due to exposure to water or indeed disconnected without visible track breakdown lane next to where : D. Or these tips could be to carry out checks on the Samsung S7262 mobile phone. Here are the simple steps to overcome damage the battery or the phone lines Samsung GT-S7262 .
Steps that must be done is to check the battery lines as in the picture below, check the lines one by one carefully, do not forget to check the resistor also be passed by the line, whether there is defective, dislodged or corrosion. Jka there is a path-breaking try to do the jumper carefully and thoroughly.

Samsung GT S7262 Battery Connecter Ways Jumper Point Solution

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