Samsung GT-S7262 Dual Sim Card Ways Problem Repair Solution


Samsung GT-S7262 Sim Card Ways Problem Jumper Solution Track Line

Here’s the solution for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 for Insert sim card problem or the phone won’t recognize or detect any sim card inserted to it. We track down the simcard pin connection as showed on the image below. We can use it for an ease of troubleshooting, if the insert sim card error problem occurred on the device.

Reasons for Problems
It might be due to dust on SIM Jacket contacts.
SIM power line might be faulty, if it happens then it doesn’t show SIM card.
It might be due to faulty capacitors. They are total 4 in numbers, if any one of them is faulty then it will affect your overall SIM card function.
Issue might also be due to SIM card IC.

Hardware Procedure
Such damage should not we take it to the phone repairman. but with the notes you have equipment like tester tools, solder and tin, screwdriver, and refined to make a jumper cable.
Samsung GT S7262 Sim Card Ways Problem Jumper Solution

How To Make a Jumper
Check the voltage on the line as shown above and make sure everything produce voltage.
If there is one line does not produce voltage then you have to make a jumper as shown above.
If the four lines has produced a voltage then please try to insert sim card and turn on the mobile phone.
Maybe it’s just information from Mobilerdx about Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 Insert Sim Card Problem Solution and Trick Jumper Ways. I hope this guide can be useful for you all

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