Nokia 206 Earpiece Ways Problem Solution


Nokia 206 Speaker Earpiece Problem Jumper Solution Ways if we have a problem with the speaker Nokia N8 will not be able to hear the voice of call.we can temporarily resolve this issu by loudspeaker, but to solve this problem we have to make a few basic steps to diagnosis and resolve Speaker Solution Nokia N8 Problem Jumper Ways Earpeace.

If your phone’s earpiece is not working replace it with a new one. If new Speaker does not work either then you should try cleaning the motherboard of your Nokia 2060. If you have somehow broken the prints of the speaker diagram below can help you. I have marked all the points of the speaker and marked the jumpers if you need them. As always you don’t need to make all these jumpers just the ones you need.

Hardware Solution:
Nokia 206 Earpiece Speaker Ways Sound Problem Solution
Mobile speaker points open and check with a meter if they show no continuty speaker then you are dead and if they show a good speaker check attachement value recorded on board do they also value then change with the new speaker one.if changing speaker can not solve this problem and check all these parts of the track used in speaker function on the Nokia 206.

Nokia 206 ear speaker, Speaker Jumper Ways Solution Nokia 206 Headset, Headset Not Working Problem Repair Solution Jumpers.

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