Nokia Lumia 610 Headphone Jack Handsfree Ways Solution


Nokia 610 Headset Ways Handsfree Problem Jumper Solution

Here’s the solution for Nokia Lumia 610 in fixing handsfree problem. If something went wrong like if there is no sounds can be heard if the handsfree or loudspeaker is being activated, this solution might help for your repair.

Nokia 610 handsfree Problems
Low sound in earphone.
No Sound.
Distorted sound.
Unbalanced sound.

Nokia Lumia 610c Workaround
Check Volume Level.
Check with any other working earphone.
Update your OS

Troubleshoot Headset Problem:
Nokia 610 Headset Problem Troubleshoot

Hardware for Nokia Lumia 610 Handsfree Problem
Clean and re-solder Charging connector as well as on-board connector.
If same problem Replace the headphone connector and check.

Nokia Lumia 610 Headphone Problem Jumper Solution Ways

If encountered having trouble with headset enhancement such as no earpiece sound or microphone audio signal can be heard on the device. You may first ensure that the headset being plug-in is still working, then proceed to check the headset jack assembly and see to it the it is cleaned and the pins is not misaligned.

Repair hints for Nokia 610c Lumia headset audio problem:
1. Check and try using another working headset.
2. Check if the headset is activated on the audio enhancement settings
3. Visually check the headset jack connector, clean if oxidized, replace if damaged.
4. Clean the headset jack terminal contact pads on the PCB board.
5. Check replace the filter IC’s of the microphone or earpiece speaker corresponding.
6. For headset ear speaker problem, check the filter coil and apply the jumper.

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