Repair Samsung GT-S7582 Volume Button Ways Problem


Samsung GT-S7582 Volume Keys Up down Problem Solution with Jumpers

On this occasion we will discuss about the damage or problems on the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 volume keys, volume keys damage to the Blackberry 9000 will certainly be very annoying users, while requiring a certain volume capacity certainly can not be done. Damage or problems on the volume knob can be in result of various factors, but often occurs because of damage to the flexible keytone the key. Here are simple tips to repair the damage on the volume button Samsung S7582 .

Hasur first step in doing this is by checking the keytone, whether there is dirty or corrosion due to exposure to water or not. If there is dirty or corrosion try to clean it, if the problem can not be solved, try the next step.

The second step of flexible check the volume buttons, whether visible turn or not, if there is a tear try doing a jumper or replace it if there is a flexible backup. If it is no tear, try the next step.

The third step check the volume lines as in the picture below, check carefully, whether there is a path-breaking or not, if there is a path-breaking, try the jumper carefully and thoroughly.

Samsung GT S7582 Volume Up Down Button Jumper
Volume Up Down Button Solution
Samsung GT-S7582 Volume keys Jumper
Samsung S7582 volume keys Ways Track
Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 Volume Keys Problem

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