Samsung G313H Not Charging Problem Usb Ways Solution


Samsung SM-G313H Charging Ways Usb Pin Problem Jumper Solution

Here’s the Samsung SM-G313H Solution for Not Charging Problem on the USB pin connector. This may help if the phone suffered wet damaged and resulted to no charging indication when the wall charger is plug-in.

Before proceeding, ensure that the battery and the battery charger are in good working condition.
– Check all the components shown on the image below, you may start by checking the USB pin connector.
– Then the fuse, diode, capacitors and filter coil for possible open or short circuit.
– Trace each of the connection line paths from USB pins down to the components where it is directly connected.

Hardware Solution:

Samsung SM G313H Charging Usb Ways Jumper Solution
Solution Created By helpful-man

look at mother board vary carefully if there is any rust or carbon and water damage or may any component is damage.if any track is missing apply jumpers as given and if any part is damage or broken then replace it with new one.

Now, if happens if the above parts were already been checked and seems all were okay, the next step is to determine if the battery sense resistor is working fine. see the image below.
You can check around 5V across on the R2200 resistor when the charger is plug-in. That resistor has a 10mOhms, you may replace it if found damaged.

Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT SM-G313H,Charging,Solution,Jumper,Problem,Ways

Samsung G313HCharging Solution Jumper Problem Ways No Charging Not Supported

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