Samsung GT-S5282 No Network Service Found Solution


Samsung S5282 Network Problem Ways Solution Jumper

This time we will discuss about the problems on the network or signal Samsung Galaxy Star S5282. Damage to seing time signal occurs because the phone is dropped, exposed to water or pin the antenna is not connected properly. Beikut simple steps to overcome the problem of signal or network on the mobile phone Samsung GT-S5282.

The first step that should be done is to check whether the antenna is connected properly or not, you can do the cleanup or removal of the pin antenna that is well connected to the antenna. If it is pin antenna is connected properly but to no avail. Try the next steps.

The second step check the antenna path as in the image below ii, check the resistor in through the antenna path, if there is a path-breaking, try the jumper.

Samsung GT S5282 Network Problem Ways Solution

Bad connection between antenna and Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 motherboard can happen because of a number of reasons. Most likely something like this happens if your mobile phone is dropped or mishandled in any other way.

Repair Tips:
Ensure that the device firmware is okay or successfully restored or flashed.
Try to upgrade into higher version and write a good flash files.
IF the firmware calibration already done but seems nothing happens you may proceed to trace, check or replace the corresponding components showed on the solution above. Make sure that the PCB board condition is still stable and not like bended or some damaged spots. Check also if there is oxidation build up, clean it first before you may proceed.
First check the PA supply voltage, this voltage is came from the antena terminal and you can trace it between capacitors showed on the solution above.

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