Nokia Lumia 610 Volume Switch Repair Jumper Solution


Nokia 610 Volume Button Up Down Ways Problem Jumper Solution

Hardware method to solve Nokia 610c Volume key Problem. In the following lines you will get to know the method to analyze and resolve Nokia Lumia 610 Volume Switch problem in the best possible manner. Let’s begin with solving:

Nokia 610 Volume key not working.
Not able to increase Speaker Volume.
Unable to enter Download mode or Hardreset.

For the solution of Volume Button problem: Keep on pressing Colume button and clean its surrounding areas in order to remove dust.
Restart your phone and check.

Refer to the solution below to trace where each of the button switches terminals is being connected, so that you may can mend or apply a jumper wire on it if possible connection line paths is being cut-off or open circuit.

Hardware Solution
Re-solder the volume switch and check.
If same problem replace the Switch.

Nokia Lumia 610 Volume Up Down Button Ways Problem Solution
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Above method also not working means then check Volume switch ways.

Nokia 610c Volume key Ways
if any ways is missing just apply a jumper.
your problem will solve after applying jumper.

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