Samsung Galaxy R I9103 Not Charging Problem Jumper Solution


Charging problem in Samsung Galaxy R I9103 is really not a common one, but when it happens you really know that you are going to have a very bad time! Samsung I9103 Not Charging problem can occur due to any of the reasons, it could either be due to water damage or physical damage.

In the following lines you will get to know simple and effective troubleshooting methods to overcome Samsung Galaxy R I9103 Charging problems.

Phone not charging.
Battery heats up.

Reasons of Problems
Might be the problem in charger or charger’s pin.
It also happens due to the dust present in charging connector of your phone.
Might be due to uneven voltage. It happens due to faulty circuit.
Fuse or Capacitor might also be faulty.

It is always great that if workaround methods are able to resolve your charging problems, as none of us wants to go into the hardware of their phone.
Check with any other original Nokia charger.
Clean charging connector of your phone from outside and check.

Hardware Solution
Clean the charging pin connector and terminal contacts pads. Ensure that it is not misaligned.
Check the fuse for possible open circuit, replace if found damaged.
Check the diode for possible short circuit, replace if found damaged.
Check the charging transistors for possible oxidation build ups, clean, rework or replace if necessary.
Samsung Galaxy R I9103 Not Charging Problem

samsung gt i9103 charging ways problem solution

Trace also each connection line paths were it is being connected to a Charging section.
If any track line is missing just make a jumper.
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