Samsung Note N7000 Power Problem Ways Solution


Samsung Note N7000 Battery Connecter Ways Point Jumper Solution

In this post I will explain solution for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 power problem. So if your phone is jammed and not powering up at all this post can be really helpful to you.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 not powering ON.
Phone doesn’t turn on and also heats up when even when power is OFF.
Phone turns OFF randomly at any point.
Phone turns Off when you access a particular application.

Samsung Gt-N7000 Power Solution
Now the next thing that you need to do is to check battery’s on-board connector for any kind of water damage. In case you find any traces of water damage then clean the battery’s on-board connectors properly and check. After that also re-solder the connector.

See The Image Below:

Samsung Gt N7000 Power Solution Battery Connecter Ways

Try To Replace The D610 His (Its Value USFZ25, 6V, 5%, 500mW)
Check The Working Voltage Across The Capacitor Ic U602 Number 1 (2.0v) .. 2 (1.1 V) And Number 3 (1.8 V) If Damaged Replace
Rehot Power Ic Or Replace U602

If all the above methods fail to resolve your power problems then all you have to do is to gently heat your Power IC with the help of a heat blower, if it fails to perform then re-ball and re-fix the IC.

If heating or re-balling of Power IC doesn’t do any good to you then replace your Power IC, as there is nothing you can do besides all that.

Samsung Note N7000 Battery Connecter Jumper,Not Powering ON.Battery Connecter Jumper,Power Solution.

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Power problems in Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 or in any of the phones is regarded as one of the biggest problem, as neither your phone is turning ON and nor it is accepting any charge, but you don’t need to worry as all the above methods will help you to resolve this problem.

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