Sony Xperia Z1 Battery Connecter Point Jumper


Sony Xperia Z1 Battery Connecter Ways Terminal Jumper Solution

In this post you will find solution for damaged Sony Xperia Z1 battery connector. Battery connectors in these phones are soldered on to the motherboard and some times get damaged if the mobile phone is mishandled.

If a leg or two of the connector is broken just replace the whole battery connector with a new one. If the prints of the Sony Xperia Z1 battery connector are broken then you need to make the jumpers to the connecting points as shown in the diagram below.

Sony Z1 Battery Connecter ProblemHardware Solution:

Sony Z1 Battery Connecter Jumper Ways

The very first thing that you need to do is to check battery voltage at its terminals in order to verify whether the problem is with the battery or with anything else. (Battery voltage should be at least 3.8V).
If the battery voltage is lower than 3.8V or is not showing charge then it means you need to change your battery in first place and check.

Now check battery connectors physically for any physical or water damage. In case it is water damage than clean the battery contacts. Besides that, also re-solder these battery contacts and make jumpers.

In case all of the above method doesn’t resolve your problem then check the entire board for any traces of water damage gently heat or re-solder if needed.

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