IPhone 4 Battery Connecting Line Problem Ways


IPhone 4 Battery Connecter Ways Problem Jumper Solution

In this post you will find solution for damaged IPhone 4 battery connector. Battery connectors in these phones are soldered on to the motherboard and some times get damaged if the mobile phone is mishandled.

If your IPhone 4s Battery Connector is damaged somehow by whether mishandling or any other reason you can always replace it with a new one. But if you have damaged the battery Connector prints meaning Connection points on which the the Battery Connector is soldered to the IPhone 4  Battery Connector Ways PCBA motherboard no need to worry, Diagrams on the end of this article can help you.

Hardware Solution:
Iphone 4 Battery Connecter Problem Jumper Solution

Steps that must be done is to check the battery lines as shown above, check the path carefully one by one, do not forget to also check through the resistor in the line, if something is broken, disold. There is a path-breaking try to make jumpers carefully and thoroughly.

IPhone 4 Battery Connecter Terminal Ways

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